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This site is still under construction and will be forever, because every day there is something new in the blogger world. I will keep on adding new posts on "How to" and Tips. Use the Blog Archives. If you getting started, go to the oldest date, meaning the first date under the heading "BLOG ARCHIVE" and start from there, otherwise look under the different date archives for what you need help with and click on the link. Everything will be explained in detail with links and How to's on one Blog, no more researching how to get tips and tricks added to your blog.All replies on posts will be emailed to me and not automatically posted. I created this blog, because I wish I had a blog like this to help me start and save me months and months of researching on how to get the tips and tricks from other blogs on to my blog. (from getting your blog Views, SEO, Advertising and many more) I will create a Test Blog and go through the set-up step by step, with easy to follow instructions.I WILL GIVE YOU MY FINDINGS ON BLOG BUILDING, IN A PLAIN AND SIMPLE STEP BY STEP WAY, WITH LINKS AND EVERYTHING, FOR FREE.Clicking my advertisers, at no cost to you will help me lots and there is also a "Pay pal Donate" button where you can donate any amount, which will help my charities. Even $1 is welcome and you don't need a Pay pal account. No, you don't need to donate anything, this Blog is free for you, but I will appreciate it. Lastly,click one of the subscribe blocks at the bottom of this Blog, to get free post updates to your email via Feed Burner. Please share with your friends.
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Monday, 30 April 2012

Amazon Ads

Amazon Adverts on your blog.

I will now explain how to get a HTML Advert link on to your Blog, that uses Java script. Example by Amazon.
  • Click your "design" tab in top right on the main menu bar for your blog.
  • next Click "layout" tab
  • then go to the add gadget on the left or right of your Posting block and click
  • In the pop up under basic, scroll down to where you see two blue arrows and the words HTML/JAVA and click this picture.
  • Next copy the following Code and paste in the bottom big block. leave the title empty. Try this now.( you can always remove it later.) Reminder, move your widgets around so blog looks balanced. Latest Deep specials from Amazon HTML code below. Highlight, Copy and Paste and save arrangement when finished,like explained.

Tips and Tricks. Growsocials. How to get a lot of subscribers

How to get a lot of subscribers for free, Growsocials.

The next step to get your blog viewed is to sign up with Growsocials.
Here below is a You tube video that you can view or go straight to the link that says Growsocials link at bottom of this post.This site is a must have and you wont believe the results you get. When finished sigh up, come back, I will explain what common mistakes users make on Growsocials in my next Post, or just reply to this post what you like to know. ( any trouble, let me help you)
Remember guys this is a free site, but donations is very much appreciated. 

Video link

Growsocials link, click here to sign up. 

Widgets help and setup. Step Twelve.

Help to add widgets to your Blog.

First go to your, press view blog and then press the design tab at the top right hand side in the blog menu. The new window has the Orange tab that says "New Post". Under this is a list of headings, of which the bottom one is the settings tab.
Go down to the "Earnings" tab and click this. Click the sign up for Ad Sense tab. This is to link Ad sense to your blog directly, as well as the feed link you have made. Income times 2. 
Now click the Layout Tab just under the Earnings tab and we will start to give your block some appeal.

Widgets, here I will help you setup the one's that you must have.
(Remember you can move them around like you feel, it is safe to play around now with your blog. Just stay away from settings.I will give you codes to highlight and paste to the widgets, but you must change them later, with your codes, as you discover them.)
  • We are going to work with the left and right short strips, that's on either side of were your blog posting is going to be.
  • on the right side there is small rectangles with the words add a gadget, just above were it says "Blog Archive" click that one now.
  • In the pop up there are 5 headings. We going to start with the "Basic"
  • Scroll down on the pictures till you see the green dollar sign with the word Ad Sense and click this picture. In the Pop up the first thing you notice is the size (120x600) click on this and change to ( 160x 600) and click the bottom orange save tab. Wait for it load and it will the appear were you clicked add gadget. Do another one on that side by click add gadet again.
  • Then you Add Gadget to the opposite side by click add gadget here and save.
  • Adsense require 3 allocated advert spaces, which you just gave them. Do not add more than three of these. They will flicker and move around your blog, leaving open spaces.
  • Next click the orange tab "save arrangement" top right.
  • There are many Gadget/ Widgets you can add and you can play with them, adding and removing as you like. 
  • ( Need specific help with something, post comment and I help you)
  • Next we going to change your text size and margins.
  • Under the layout tab click the template tab.
  • In the middel to the left there is a orange tab that says"Customize" Click this tab and wait till finished loading.
  • On the top left there are some more headings. Click the "Adjust widths"
  • Set the top width to 1100px and the left one to 200px, the right one to 200px. This you can change later as you wish. Remember to click the apply to blog orange tab. Your blog should look like this now. click here.

Happy postings, Play around with your blog, to get to now how the gadgets work. (Ask If You Need Help)
Next post will be on mu secret SEO generator. Don't apply this,till your blog is at least 1-2 weeks old after your first posting.  

Feed Burner. Monetize. Step Eleven.

Monetize your Blog and Feed.

Firstly, if you had a peek at your blog, you still won't be happy now. It looks un organised, we are almost by the layout stage, where your blog will take form in one simple post. Hold on, we are almost there. 
Setting up a Blog is easy and quick, so they say. At this point of your Blog building, you have saved months and months of frustration and you have not even begin posting. You would have been posting and blogging away and months from now you would realize, something is wrong and you would begin to identify where your mistakes was made and after another couple of months you will still be searching for fixes to the problem, reading blogs on and search engine results. You will ether give up or start a new blog, just to do the simple mistakes over again. You will finally give up altogether and stop blogging or you going to have to pay several sites to build you a usable blog. You could spend thousands on this and other SEO. At this point, if this blog helped you and you have some to spare, even a $5 ( 1 hamburger's money, which can feed a child for 3-4 days in Africa) please donate by pressing the Donate Button, we thank you kindly.

Click the "Monetize"Tab on the Feed Burner menu and lets start.
  • Click on the "Ad Sense" Google box, You must follow this step to get advertiser to advertise on your blog and for you to earn money. Just sigh up and come back to this blog.
  • After you done this we can move on to the last thing we have to do on Google Feed Burner,trouble shooting, please click that tab in the Feed Burner Menu.
  • After the trouble shooting page opens, we going to check that the ping on your site is working. Click on the first blue link "Pining Feed Burner".
  • In the next page were you have to enter your website address, you must enter it like this ( don't add the www. in, it won't work.
  • Click grey tab under "Ping Feed Burner"
  • ( let me know if you don't get a "successfully pinged" notice top of page in green bar.) Close Feed Burner at this time.
  • That's it. Now we going to do the finale few tweaks and your of to be a happy blogger.
 Continue on to next post, step twelve.

Feed Burner. Optimize and Publicize. Step Ten.

Optimize and Publicize your feed.

On this page there is two main groups down the left side with blue link. ( Views and Services) Under the heading "Views" we got 2 links "your feed and XML source) Leave this unchanged.
Next is Service, we start from the first top blue link and work down.( I am not going to give explanations on the different links,because they give it as click the feed burner links.
  • Click "Browser Friendly" and then to your right the box with a lot of icons appear with ticks next to them. don't unmarke any of them. Go right down to grey tab saying "Save"and click this.
  • Next Click "Smart Feed" and click grey tab to activate.
  • That's it for now on the Optimize page. 
  • Click on main menu that's underlined by a red line, the Publicize tab, now
  • Click "Headline Animator" go to the bottom of page and click grey tab "activate" 
  • On the new page under the long banner with the orange icon in, it says "add to my space"with a choose one option. click and choose Blogger blog and click next.
  • A new pop up will open and you click "add to blogger"
  • Don't worry, now simply find in the grey blocks where it says "Your blog name and HEADLINE ANIMATOR. Left Click on this and hold down left button on your mouse and now move the block all the way down to the left bottom block and release to drop there.This will be left top of the long ATTRIBUTION BAR. then click Orange save tabe top right side. Close that window now.
  • Next is the "Buzz Boost" Here you can play with this later on, if you feel you like to. 
  • Next is "Email Subscription"Click and on the box that opens click "Activate"
  • Scroll down to use as widget and choose "Blogger" click "GO"
  • Click "add widget" and on the layout page that opens, click and hold and move down next to were you move the headline animator at the bottom of page. Click save top right side, orange tab and close this page.
  • Next click "Ping Shot" and activate.
  • Next skip the "Feed Count"You can play with this later, if you like. You can add/ remove widgets as many times as you like. (If you struggle with anything, just post a reply and I will see what I can do, to solve your problem.)
  • Next click "Socialize". If You don't have a Twitter acc, now is the time to register one. Click here to open your Twitter Account. You need these Social mediums to promote your blog. You will understand later when I give you my secret on SEO (search engine optimization).
  • While you busy sigh up for Facebook link click here. just create a basic account. (Always use your real names,there is space for nicknames after you signed up, so your chances is better of getting listed by search engines.)
  • Few more must haves links. Digg, remember just basic stuff now, you can spruce up your acc later
  • delicious link
  • stumble upon
  • If you have these basic 4, your views will go up, by posts to them and building your followers list.
  • Don't forget to go and make your profile interesting for your followers. 
  • On the Feed Burner page click add twitter, give permission to use your info (don't worry, its still secure) and activate at the bottom grey tab, if not yet active.
  • The rest you can play with later.
  • Next post will be on Monetize.
  • Please click my adds on this page.

Google Feed Burner. Analyze. Step Nine.

Google Feed Burner. Analyze.

Firstly go back to your blog settings and "add"your feed burner URL. (How to: on the Feed Burner page right at the top left, click the blue "edit feed details"
It now gives you some info on your feed URL. The third line says "Feeds Address"
Highlight the first part "" Copy carefully and paste in your blog setting under "post your feed redirect" go back to feed burner and copy the second part next to the one you just copied.(BE CAREFUL NOT TO CHANGE ANYTHING IN FEEDBURNER WHILE COPING) Paste this next to were you paste the previous one under "Post your Feed....") now click anywhere outside the box that you just pasted your URL. Now you are live and you can gain followers ect.
Don't worry,I will give you a secret easy way of getting +1 hits, tweets, even views for free, don't miss this. Basically your blog is now safe to start blogging, but lets make it look better first, after we done the Feed Burner settings.

Click the Analyze Tab on the Feed Burner Page.( Don't press "save feed details")
just click the Analyze tab, now.

On the Analyze page will be your stats on your blog in future, give it 2-3 days to start updating your stats.
Right know click the "Optimize" tab and continue to next blog. Step Ten.


Settings. Post Feed Redirect URL. Step Eight.

Post Feed Redirect. Google Feed Burner.

The next few post will help you to get your Feed URL for your Blog.
This is a must, because it also posts your new blog posts to your Twitter, Facebook, Digg, extra advertising and most important one, auto updates all your followers with your latest posts.
  •  In settings, click "Other" and then click "blue ? " next to "Post Feed Redirect URL. The pop up opens and then click the blue link "FeedBurner"
  • Feed Burner opens in a new page.
  • Follow the Google Feed Burner Sign up instructions and then Click grey tab "claim your feed"
  • Then on the next page of Feed Burner under red heading "Feed Title", you will see your blog name.( If not enter your blog address in the Bottom space where it says"Burn a Feed Right this instant") and click next.
  • VERY IMPORTANT, Click the second choice with the Rss feed.
  • Then click next on the "Let us burn a feed for you "page.
  • You will get a page that says "Congrats, your FeedBurner feed is now live"
  • Click "next" at left bottom grey tab.
  • Next page "Get More Gusto from your feed traffic"
  • There is three right ticks towards the middle of this page and three blank little boxes, tick the first and last one, then click "Next"tab.
  • Next page will show your Blog Title and that you was successful in updating your feed.
  • Next there is menu bar with a red line under it.( Tabs: Analyze, Optimize, Publicize, Monetize, Troubleshooting)
  • I will discuss each of these tabs in separate Posts, because under each tab is a list of settings.
And as always, please click my adds or donate something to us, thank you.
Please continue to next post.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Settings. Search Preferences and Other. Step Seven.

Settings for Preferences and others.

The next setting is "Search Preferences" click this tab under settings.
  • First is "Description" click edit (this is a shortened description that search engines use to searching and display your blog on there results page. So its very a important description. You must get the searchers attention to click on your link.)( Under 150 words, very difficult one this)
  • Next "Errors and Redirection" leave as is.
  • Next "Crawlers and indexing"Leave this as is. 
  • Save changes now. 
The last setting is "Other" Click this tab under settings.
  • First is "Blog Tools" Don't change anything here.
  • Next is "Allow Blog Feed" choose FULL.
  • Next is "Post Feed Redirect URL" we will come back now to this one. Continue on to "Post Feed Footer" Leave this blank.
  • Next is "Enable Enclosed Links" Click yes ( so your links that you post can be displayed and forwarded to others)
  • "Your Open ID URL" should show your URL and leave blank the trusted sites.
  • Click Save setting now. ( Top Right in orange tab)
Next we going back to "Post Feed Redirect URL"
This will be explained in the next post. This will be the second last step, before we get to widgets and you posting your first Blog Post on Your Brand New Blog.
As always, Click some more adds on my blog, even if you have click a add before, you can click it again. Please share and tweet these posts and blog. Thank You. (By now you have already saved weeks of self doing and research)

Template Customize, Layout. Step Five

Customize Template: Layout.

Now we going to change the layout look of your blog.
  • Click layout. You will now see that there is two layouts, Body Layout ( with eight pictures under it) and Footer Layout (with Three pictures under it)
  • We will start with the body layout. In each picture there is lighter areas and darker areas. The lighter areas is where you Blog tile and posts will be displayed. The Darker areas will be for widgets( will get to how and what is widgets later) Adverts, blog info ect. I started with the first one on the second line. This one gives you a lot of freedom (Remember we can change this later to). For now choose the one I suggest. Click that picture now, wait to load and "apply to blog" orange tab top right.
  • Next we choose the Footer template. This is how the bottom of your blog will look like. Best one here is the middle picture. Easy for advertising. ( and again, remember you can change this later, with no negative impact on your indexing etc.) Click middle picture, wait for the loading to complete and now apply to blog.( Orange tab, top right)
  • Next click advanced.
  • Here you can set your over all look of your text in postings and sizes of headings and text in your posts.
  • I will not change anything here, at this time. (We will come back to this Later.)Click "view Blog"tab top right side. (Don't panic it will start looking like a blog in the next few remaining steps)
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Please Continue on to the next post. Step Six.

Blog Layout. Template and Customize. Step Four.

Blog Layout. Template and Background Customize.

Next, things gets a bit more exciting. 
  • Now click on view blog tab. This is your first look at your new blog with your blog title. (Don't Panic, its going to look much nicer, when we done). 
  • (The magic begins) Firstly, you will see on your blog,                            " Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" DON'T CLICK THIS EVER!!!!!! (We going to use the better rss feeds, by Google Feed Burner.
  • On the top of your blog you will see the following menu bar,from left to right "Search block, Follow, Share, Report Abuse, Next email(only you can see this), New Post, Design, Sign out"
  • This bar is what you will use the most. Click the Design tab now.
  • Look for the orange tab with the word "customize". ( How to: under the picture of your blog. ( not the Edit HTML) Click this now.
  • In the grey area on top, the third picture should be highlighted and the word simple should be under this picture. If not, click the simple template.
  • Now choose your colour scheme, from the little blocks highlighted under the simple template. ( Blue, Yellow, Black, Red etc.)
  • Your basic scheme will appear at the bottom of your page.
  • Look to the top right hand side for the orange tab with the words "APPLY TO BLOG" and click. Everything you change something, hit that orange apply to blog tab. (Every time!!)
  • Now in the grey area to your left the words, (underneath each other) says "Templates, Back Ground, Adjust Widths, Lay outs, Advanced"
  • We finished with Templates in that grid for now and going on to the next one, which is Back Ground. Click now.
  • The picture with the heading " Background image", on the right side of the image box, there is a small little arrow, pointing down. click and choose any background image you like under the different headings relevant to your subject or not, (its up to you and you can change later by coming back to my blog explanations) and click orange tab at bottom that says "Done" then click the "Apply to Blog" tab.( Orange tab, top right)
  • You can also change your main colour theme on this page. 
  • Next skip Adjust widths, we will come back to this later.
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Please Continue to next post, step five.

Blogger Sign-Up, Title and Address. Step Three.

Blogger Sign-Up, your blog Title and Address.

  • Easy  to follow instructions. NB:Use your Google email to link Blogger and Google accounts.
  • This is for adding your ad sense advertising to your blog.
  • Choose your Blog's name carefully, it must be relevant to what you blogging about and in a certain way (This was my very first mistake) ie. I made the mistake of naming my first blog "For the global sports fan and the babes that follow them" and if I had known, I would have started a new blog and deleted this one, but I spend weeks and weeks going through how to make my blog be viewed and popular, because I got no views and when I search my blog in Google I could not find it. So I found out my name is not going to get search engine hits, because of various reasons. So I changed my blogs name to " Ultimate Sports and Fitness Blog" very easily in the design tab at the top of my blog page and while I was busy, I change my address (URL), because by now I was an expert researcher ( so I thought). That was an even bigger mistake. Great name, millions of hits on this type of name, but nobody will ever see it, because when I hit create on the first name and address, Google indexed it as a new blog and then when I change it Google did not index it again, because now you have to submit manually to the webmaster and it will be conflicting and Google sees it as copy wright issues, because the browser sees it as to exact to another site or copy of another site.Thus Google wont index it and if you get it right after you created a sitemap, you still wont get hits.
  • So choose one Title and Address and stick to it or delete and start a new blog.
  • Template, choose the simple template.( Don't get sucked in to the others, this one you can personalize the most.
  • Do this now!!
  • Continue to next post,please and remember click some adverts on my blog.

How to choose your blog host. Step Two.

How to choose your blog host. Step Two.

Every blog author wants their blog to be viewed. This should be number one or two on your top priorities list, for various reasons. (if not, go home, blogging is not for you), If yes, read on.   
After you finished with step one, its now time to decide which host and template you going to use. Again there are many to choose from, but I chose
And I will explain how to set-up a blog at by creating a Test Blog.

WordPress and others are similar and my tips will mostly work for them, but my links to site set-ups wont. If you just started a blog and having trouble getting it indexed on browsers or want to earn some money through advertising or want to change your content, pages or tabs. Dont waste your time. The moment you updated or published your first post, before all the right steps and set-up was done, it was indexed, and now you are posting and publishing conflicting posts and tags/labels and Google may not even index anything you post after your very first post. START A NEW BLOG FROM SCRATCH WITH MY EASY TO UNDERSTAND STEPS and get it right this time.

  • I chose templates, because they are very integrated into Google  networks, with nice easy widgets ready to paste and apply to your blog.
  • I will now open a Test Blog on and explain step by step and with links to other blogs, HOW TO BLOG ON BLOGGER.COM
  • You must Follow me step by step and don't change anything I do. Do exactly as I do.( One wrong click or add and you back to square one. Like me, with weeks of work down the drain.
  • OK, here we go:
  • First bookmark this page. (How to: click the grey icon star, top right hand corner next to the tool/ spanner icon. Bookmark pop up will open and click "folder" and choose the "Blog" folder that you created in step one.
  • Secondly the following link will open on a new page( Bookmark this page to the Blog file,this is your Blogger Dash board for all your Blogs) thus, you can alternate between this page for instructions and the new page you busy applying my instructions on. DON'T CLOSE ANY OF THESE TWO PAGES YET.(How to: Alter between these two pages- at the very top right hand corner, there you see these pages "Blogger: HOW TO BUI x" is highlighted ,this is my page,your instructions page and next to that you see a darker, in the back ground, a page that says "Blogger:..." this is your page. To change between them click the darker one. BE CAREFUL, DON'T CLICK THE x (This is to close a page)
  • Now I will open a Test Blog and give you step by step details on what I am Doing and How to. After clicking link below, continue to next post.
  • Click here to start your Blog.( Reply to this post, if you struggling.)
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Before you get started. Step one.

Before you get started. Step one.

I use the Google Chrome browser, easier to get my blog index and Google has a lot of blogger tools and is easy to integrate accounts.(I tried iGoogle, but messed up my settings)
  • In any search/ browser provider, type "Google Chrome", open and set as default search browser, by clicking the tool/ spanner in the top right hand corner, under the red block with x in(closing tab). Go to settings in the pop up page and right at the bottom of page, in a grey tab, it says "Make Google Chrome my Default" click this and under that tab it will then confirm this. 
  • NOW MAKE A BOOKMARK FOLDER AND NAME IT "BLOG", Click the Star  icon next to the tool/ spanner icon in the top right hand corner.Every site related and every account you sign up, like Twitter, your Gmail, Facebook, Adsense, everything, there will be lots more, all these pages bookmark them in this folder. It makes it so much easier to navigate to your blog related pages later. If a page asks you if you want to save passwords and or asks to keep you signed in, click yes.
  • Open a free email account with Google Gmail,this is very straight forward. This will also create your google account that links everything, from your profile, setting, sign-in, +1 rating, your follower circles and your Advertisement revenue(via your Google Adsense automated advertising account-Will be explained later) and will be useful for one click  feed links and many more features you will need to make your blog viewed. Click this link for gmail set-up. After your email is set-up,click on this link again,that you used for your email set-up and now click Google account on left hand side and follow to create. (post reply on this post,if you get stuck, your posts will come straight to my email)
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