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Monday, 30 April 2012

Feed Burner. Optimize and Publicize. Step Ten.

Optimize and Publicize your feed.

On this page there is two main groups down the left side with blue link. ( Views and Services) Under the heading "Views" we got 2 links "your feed and XML source) Leave this unchanged.
Next is Service, we start from the first top blue link and work down.( I am not going to give explanations on the different links,because they give it as click the feed burner links.
  • Click "Browser Friendly" and then to your right the box with a lot of icons appear with ticks next to them. don't unmarke any of them. Go right down to grey tab saying "Save"and click this.
  • Next Click "Smart Feed" and click grey tab to activate.
  • That's it for now on the Optimize page. 
  • Click on main menu that's underlined by a red line, the Publicize tab, now
  • Click "Headline Animator" go to the bottom of page and click grey tab "activate" 
  • On the new page under the long banner with the orange icon in, it says "add to my space"with a choose one option. click and choose Blogger blog and click next.
  • A new pop up will open and you click "add to blogger"
  • Don't worry, now simply find in the grey blocks where it says "Your blog name and HEADLINE ANIMATOR. Left Click on this and hold down left button on your mouse and now move the block all the way down to the left bottom block and release to drop there.This will be left top of the long ATTRIBUTION BAR. then click Orange save tabe top right side. Close that window now.
  • Next is the "Buzz Boost" Here you can play with this later on, if you feel you like to. 
  • Next is "Email Subscription"Click and on the box that opens click "Activate"
  • Scroll down to use as widget and choose "Blogger" click "GO"
  • Click "add widget" and on the layout page that opens, click and hold and move down next to were you move the headline animator at the bottom of page. Click save top right side, orange tab and close this page.
  • Next click "Ping Shot" and activate.
  • Next skip the "Feed Count"You can play with this later, if you like. You can add/ remove widgets as many times as you like. (If you struggle with anything, just post a reply and I will see what I can do, to solve your problem.)
  • Next click "Socialize". If You don't have a Twitter acc, now is the time to register one. Click here to open your Twitter Account. You need these Social mediums to promote your blog. You will understand later when I give you my secret on SEO (search engine optimization).
  • While you busy sigh up for Facebook link click here. just create a basic account. (Always use your real names,there is space for nicknames after you signed up, so your chances is better of getting listed by search engines.)
  • Few more must haves links. Digg, remember just basic stuff now, you can spruce up your acc later
  • delicious link
  • stumble upon
  • If you have these basic 4, your views will go up, by posts to them and building your followers list.
  • Don't forget to go and make your profile interesting for your followers. 
  • On the Feed Burner page click add twitter, give permission to use your info (don't worry, its still secure) and activate at the bottom grey tab, if not yet active.
  • The rest you can play with later.
  • Next post will be on Monetize.
  • Please click my adds on this page.

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