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Monday, 30 April 2012

Google Feed Burner. Analyze. Step Nine.

Google Feed Burner. Analyze.

Firstly go back to your blog settings and "add"your feed burner URL. (How to: on the Feed Burner page right at the top left, click the blue "edit feed details"
It now gives you some info on your feed URL. The third line says "Feeds Address"
Highlight the first part "" Copy carefully and paste in your blog setting under "post your feed redirect" go back to feed burner and copy the second part next to the one you just copied.(BE CAREFUL NOT TO CHANGE ANYTHING IN FEEDBURNER WHILE COPING) Paste this next to were you paste the previous one under "Post your Feed....") now click anywhere outside the box that you just pasted your URL. Now you are live and you can gain followers ect.
Don't worry,I will give you a secret easy way of getting +1 hits, tweets, even views for free, don't miss this. Basically your blog is now safe to start blogging, but lets make it look better first, after we done the Feed Burner settings.

Click the Analyze Tab on the Feed Burner Page.( Don't press "save feed details")
just click the Analyze tab, now.

On the Analyze page will be your stats on your blog in future, give it 2-3 days to start updating your stats.
Right know click the "Optimize" tab and continue to next blog. Step Ten.


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