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This site is still under construction and will be forever, because every day there is something new in the blogger world. I will keep on adding new posts on "How to" and Tips. Use the Blog Archives. If you getting started, go to the oldest date, meaning the first date under the heading "BLOG ARCHIVE" and start from there, otherwise look under the different date archives for what you need help with and click on the link. Everything will be explained in detail with links and How to's on one Blog, no more researching how to get tips and tricks added to your blog.All replies on posts will be emailed to me and not automatically posted. I created this blog, because I wish I had a blog like this to help me start and save me months and months of researching on how to get the tips and tricks from other blogs on to my blog. (from getting your blog Views, SEO, Advertising and many more) I will create a Test Blog and go through the set-up step by step, with easy to follow instructions.I WILL GIVE YOU MY FINDINGS ON BLOG BUILDING, IN A PLAIN AND SIMPLE STEP BY STEP WAY, WITH LINKS AND EVERYTHING, FOR FREE.Clicking my advertisers, at no cost to you will help me lots and there is also a "Pay pal Donate" button where you can donate any amount, which will help my charities. Even $1 is welcome and you don't need a Pay pal account. No, you don't need to donate anything, this Blog is free for you, but I will appreciate it. Lastly,click one of the subscribe blocks at the bottom of this Blog, to get free post updates to your email via Feed Burner. Please share with your friends.

How $2 =$100

How $2 Donation can make You $100 and you help Charity.

Did you know for one Burger's money, you can feed a child in Africa for days!!!
Donate min $2 up to max $20( Via Pay pal Donation Button to your right of this Post, you don't need Pay pal account) For every 200 donations received, Meaning If you are the 200th Donator, we will pay $100 back to your ( Pay pal account, we help you to set this up, if need be) and $100 to Charities on Pay pal. If you just want to Donate Anonymously and your Donation is the 200th one, we will pay Your $100 to Charity as well. Every 200th Donation to Pay pal, will activate a email to me with your Ref details. Be sure to include your email address in payment reference. There is no limit on the amount of times you can donate.

Please be apart of making a change and Thank you for your time reading this. 
If we reach enough people, we will register our own charity, for helping Hungry Kids.